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Gardens and sustainability

Self-sufficiency is an over-used term, usually used incorrectly. prefer this term (self sufficient 'ish') because it implies that even though you aren't entirely self-sufficient, you are doing some things a self-sufficient person would. Perhaps you are growing some of your vegetables and fruit, making your own chutneys and jams, sewing or knitting your own clothes, or other things. But, perhaps you don't own much land, don't have much time or money, or don't want to give up on luxuries, so you don't want to be fully self-sufficient. I'm one of those people - I don't have many resources I can dedicate to being self-sufficient, so I make small steps towards living more sustainably.

One of these small steps is my garden. I love keeping a productive garden, with vegetables, fruit trees, and flora for the local wildlife (and sometimes for cut flowers). Even though the amount of work, pain, and frustration involved is quite high, especially with the drought in Australia, and living in rental places, I did enjoy it.

I used to live in Melbourne, Australia, so some of this information might not be appropriate if you are in a different climate or hemisphere. I also tend to use the no-dig gardening style, which some people do not like. I prefer it as I find it to entail less tedious work.

I am now settling into a new climate, and learning how to garden only in pots, where it snows in winter.

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