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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, the information on these pages is gathered from my own experience, books, websites, and other people's experience. I will not be held responsible for any injury resulting from this information. If you have a medical condition, you should seek qualified medical advice and supervision at all times.

I successfully manage a number of conditions, including adenomyosis (which developed from endometriosis), sciatica, kidney disease, and fibromyalgia (with secondary symptoms of Raynaud's syndrome, costochondritis, bruxism, migraines, eczema and sinusitis). Aromatherapy helps with many of these.
I have also sprained my ankle very badly, multiple times. When I can manage, I enjoy hiking, tai chi and various other hobbies that help with pain management.

This information will be slowly moving over to my health blog:

Many thanks and best wishes to the huge number of people who have emailed about this section of the site, requesting further information and giving support. I'm very happy knowing that I can help in some way!

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