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The travel bug has bitten me late-ish in life, and I have discovered how much I like wandering around different countries, and looking for fantastic photography spots. Unfortunately, my photography skills are still very raw, and I haven't been to many places yet, but I'm sure this section will grow in time.

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I love the countryside, language, food and culture of Japan, and plan to visit there often. My first trip was in 2008, and I knew very little Japanese at the time, got stuck in Sendai because of a huge earthquake, and went to the northernmost tip. My second trip included a culture course and home stay in Fukuoka. At some point in the future, I will have to visit the most southern tip, just so I can say I have been as far north and as far south as possible.

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Having a German partner made travelling in Germany much easier, as I knew absolutely no German. I'd like to see more of the country in spring / autumn some day, and visit the castles along the Rhine when they are actually open.

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I haven't seen much of Australia, but I think that is common for the place you live and grow up in. Most of my trips involve forests or mountains - places where I can walk or hike.

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